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Back cover of 'My First' Graffiti Coloring Book


The first thing most of us learn to say is a name, and our name gathers significant weight & power during our life. Expert graffiti artists make for good study in the creative visual expression of this weight, going to great lengths to paint provocative and stunning pieces of art that enhance the power & reuptation of their name.


Considered across the whole of the our popular opinion, graffiti itself is controversial on its best day and vandalism on its worst. But just as evolution favors the most practical and evolved species, graffiti (despite heated debate over its value) has been formally accepted and encouraged as an art form by civil socieity. Commissioned in thousands of public spaces and parks each year, its legitimate influence is only growing.


We hope this book opens up a dialog between young and old about what graffiti is and what messages it's used to communicate. Hip-hop music, home & family, art, injustice, beauty, nature, rhythm & love are all themes found in the book, plus many others. Please study the sources of inspiration found in graffiti for a life-enriching experience.

L'ennui est contre-revolutionnaire



Information about the Book

From Album, B-boy & Caps to X, Youth & the Zone, "My First" Graffiti Coloring Book includes 26 different styles of black & white graffiti outlines to color in however you like.

Each 17"x11" page is a full composition with poetry, characters and letters that can stretch out for miles. more...

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"This book happens to be a finely crafted and beautifully illustrated piece of literature... in spite of being created by a graffiti artist."

OBJEX ATCHA (publisher)

"Painting something that defies the law of the land is good. Painting something that defies the law of the land and the law of gravity at the same time is ideal."

BANKSY (Wall and Piece)